Residential growth in Warren County is forecast between 2% and 3% per year over the next 20 years. The County has projected that its population will grow from 36,717 in 2006 to 65,700 by 2026.

- W.C. Facilities Needs Analysis, 2006

Front Royal Limited Partnership’s (FRLP) proposed mixed-use project, preliminarily dubbed ‘Confluence Virginia’, represents a community and economic development opportunity for Front Royal and Warren County as a whole: consistent with 30 years of Town and County planning for the area… See FRLP Community Planning presentation for Town and County (15 pages)

Situated to the north of Happy Creek Road, the FRLP property is adjacent to the Happy Creek Technology Park, near the planned Valley Health hospital and retail site, and will be an easy walk or bike ride to the ‘Bing’ and Downtown businesses... See aerial context map of the FRLP property